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Why keep savings in UAE dirham: Currency among world's safest

Why keep savings in UAE dirham: Currency among world's safest
And it matters to expatriates who bear the brunt of fluctuation in their home currencies. So it's best to keep the savings – rather than remitting them – in a currency that is stable vis-à-vis exchange rate and offers a safe heaven and cushion from the …
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'Diablo 3' Microtransactions Announced By Blizzard Include Platinum Currency
Like many free to play games, the “Platinum” being sold for real world currency will give many boosts and cosmetic changes. As Forbes noted, the interesting part of the announcement is that Blizzard detailed which regions it was NOT coming to, rather …
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Rubles Pile Up for Exporters After Russia Asks for Currency Help
(Bloomberg) — Russian exporters are piling up rubles after President Vladimir Putin's government asked their help in supporting the currency last year. OAO GMK Norilsk Nickel, Russia's largest miner, and steelmaker PAO Severstal are among exporters …
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