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US Dollar Tests Key Support on Big Week for FX Markets

US Dollar Tests Key Support on Big Week for FX Markets
A highly volatile currency pair (Volatility Percentile very high) suggests that we should look to use Breakout strategies. More moderate volatility levels and strong Trend values make Momentum trades more attractive, while the lowest Vol Percentile and …
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Govt urged to tighten FX trading rules
The global forex scandal involving rate rigging has led to more than $ 4 billion in fines for six global banks. ASIC's position is that forex trading is extremely difficult to predict for skilled traders, let alone unsophisticated retail ones targeted …
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Top US Forex News Sites FOREXNEWS.COM is another site dedicated to forex news. The content and coverage is comprehensive. It offers live forex news, trade ideas, an economic calendar, and live rates. It also covers Bitcoin news. Below, see examples from the …
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