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University Of Nicosia's MSc In Digital Currency Begins On May 15th With Free

University Of Nicosia's MSc In Digital Currency Begins On May 15th With Free
Since announcing their Digital Currency Initiative in 2013, the University of Nicosia (UNic) has been hard at work forming the world's first Master's in Digital Currency Degree Program. This MSc in Digital Currency is undoubtedly the first of many such …
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How Dublin Rickshaw Driver Beats Caracas Currency Market
In Dublin, a 31-year-old bicycle rickshaw driver is in the cross hairs of the Venezuelan government for black market currency trading. The driver said he's a former television producer who last year joined the ranks of Venezuelans moving to the Irish …
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China Watchdog Finds Billion in Fake Currency Trade
China uncovered almost $ 10 billion in fraudulent trade nationwide as part of an investigation begun in April last year, including many irregularities in the port of Qingdao, the country's currency regulator said today. Companies “faked, forged and …
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Why US dollar has re-emerged as preferred currency for global investors
The US dollar, after one of its most prolonged weak spells ever, has now re-emerged as the preferred currency for global investors. Across trading desks in New York, London and elsewhere, analysts are rushing to raise their dollar forecasts based on …
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