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International Currency Money for Forex Trading
Forex Rates
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Free picture about money trading in forex markets. This paper money picture was created for you by the non-profit friend and it can be used for free, if you link as the original author of this image.

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Forex market ( Foreign Exchange Market , FX Market , including forex , currency market ) is the economical place to offer foreign currency demand and meet each other and be replaced at the agreed upon exchange rate. The foreign exchange market can be located, because the vast majority of forex trading directly between market participants held and currency markets were lifted or become meaningless.
The Forex market is a daily turnover of about 4 trillion U.S. dollars in 2011 was the largest financial market in the world.

On 13 August 1982 joined Mexico ‘s foreign exchange market, sparking the beginning of the so-called debt crisis in particular in Latin America and other developing countries. Other national crises such as the Asian tigers -crisis (1997), or the Argentine crisis (1998) followed and had a huge impact on the currency markets. The results showed that the currency markets, unlike securities or financial markets, strongly influenced by government and public policy influences are: a certain currency is in crisis, so does the central bank or even the state itself into the action.

The money is the medium used to exchange goods in the form of coins or notes ( notes ), used to purchase goods, services , force labor , foreign exchange and other transactions in the financial , issued and controlled by the government of each country, which is the only one who has this assignment. It is also the unit accounting.

Its use can be implicit or explicit, free or coercion. It is believed that the origin of the word refers to the Portuguese currency of the same name (the money ).
The emergence of money does not depend on a central authority or government. It is a market phenomenon, in practice, however, the most accepted currency types are those currently produced and sanctioned by governments. Most countries have a specific monetary standard – an officially recognized money, having a monopoly on its issuance. Some exceptions are the euro (used by many countries EU ) and U.S. dollars (used worldwide).

The money itself is a very scarce . Many items can be used as money, since metals and shells rare to cigarettes or totally artificial things like notes bank. In times of shortage of circulating medium, the company looks for ways to circumvent the problem ( emergency money ), it is important not to lose the power exchange and purchase. Can replace the government money: coupons, passes, receipts, checks, vouchers, and other commercial notes.

In modern Western society money is essentially a token – an abstraction. Currently the notes are the most common type of money used. However goods like gold and silver retain many of the essential characteristics of money.

The currency as we know it today, is the result of a long evolution. Earlier there were no coin. If practiced barter , simple exchange of goods for goods, without equivalent value.

In the Middle Ages , the custom arose to keep the values ??in a goldsmith , who traded objects of gold and silver . This, as security, gave a receipt. Over time, these receipts are now used to make payments, circulating from hand to hand and give the paper money.

In Brazil , the first bank notes, precursors of ballots today, were released by the Bank of Brazil , in 1810. Its value had completed manually, as today we do with the checks.

Money is one of the central topics of study in economics and is an implicit link with the field of finance . The amount of money in a given economy directly affects phenomena such as inflation and the rate of interest . A currency crisis can have significant effects, particularly if they lead to a failure that results in such widespread adoption of exchange economy.

The modern economy is also facing difficulty in deciding exactly what money is.

When used anonymously, the most common method is to use the money via bank notes or coins, or even value cards prepaid . There is also the use of money from financial record, also called a current account. In this case, the most common methods are checks , credit cards and debit and digital cash .

Forex trading does not mean guaranteed profit as applied in bonds or fixed income market is a risk, you can gain a lot or lose a lot, alias someone to win one must necessarily lose. To invest in this market you have to be prepared for losses. You should also check whether the broker is legally registered to operate.

Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !

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