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Forex Trading In Japan

Forex Trading
by Tradingrichmom

Forex Trading In Japan

Article by How Forex Trading Works

There are many reasons you should know a thing or two about Forex trading in Japan. The Japaneseeconomy is the third largest in the world and thus a great place to invest. Many years ago, roguetraders rubbished Forex trading in Japan. Those days are long gone. Today, there are truckloads ofsuccess stories and more in the making. Even as we speak, legions of amateur traders are makingmoney.

Forex trading in Japan was exclusive to registered professionals only. That was the position of thingsuntil the amendment of Japan’s Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law in 1998, whichopened up the floodgate of opportunities for amateur traders. Today, the Japanese Forex market isworth more than 80 million yen in market trading volume a day.

In Japan, as elsewhere, the Internet makes online Forex trading possible. The Internet does not onlyprovide real-time charts, sentiments, and fundamentals but also serves as a hub for Forex tradetutorials and other resources.

Higher Vs. Lower FeesThere are two types of Forex brokers in Japan. Those that charge high fees on one hand and othersthat charge low fees on the other. Usually, clients whose brokers charge higher fees get the mostreturns on their investments. (Contrary to what one would expect.)

While Economics 101 would suggest that investors stick to Forex brokers charging lower fees; that isa wrong advice in Forex trading. Why is that so? The answer is simple:

When fees are set to zero, it encourages an increase in the number of trades a client makes. Themore the number of trades, the more the client (an amateur Forex trader) is likely to lose money.The only winner is the Forex broker.

A Forex broker earns more money by lowering charges because it helps increase the number ofclients he gets. A low-margin translates into higher turnover.

Dependability of trust security systemIn choosing a Japanese Forex broker there are many things you should look out for and one of themis reliable trust security system. To put short, it is important you check to know the dependability ofthe trust security system. A reliable trust security system ensures that there is a separation betweena client’s money and the Forex broker’s. This is very important because many Forex brokers don’tseparate client’s funds from their own both in assets and in accounts at trust banks. Some ForexBrokers claim to have a dependable trust security system in place while in actuality that is not thecase. Therefore, it now boils down to trust. This is where reputation comes in.

Using more than one Forex BrokerIn choosing a Japanese Forex broker, reputation matters but it makes all the sense in the world tohave several reliable brokers. One reason why that is important is that a Forex broker’s chart mightstop moving for a couple of seconds or more. However, if you are viewing two charts, you can easily spot the temporary problem by looking at the second chart.

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